Our History

In 1979, Brothers’ Swiss Inc. (BSI) was established by brothers-in-law Fred Mead and Don Emmer. BSI is still running within the family today with Fred’s children – Dwayne Mead (President), Andreena Casey (Office Controller), and Dwayne’s daughter Krista Mead (Purchasing & Logistics).
Brothers’ Swiss Inc. grew out of its small machine shop in Palmdale, CA in 2013; relocating to a larger, immaculate building in Lancaster to expand on capabilities and meet growing customer demand.


“I started working with my father on machines around 12-years-old. I was a fast learner and very advanced.

My grandfather was a Brown and Sharpe machinist. My father was an all-around machinist specializing in Cam Swiss Automatics, but could run any type of machine. You might say machining runs in our blood. I’m considered third generation and I love what I do.

My father presented me with the opportunity to learn everything starting from the bottom – first with operating machines then doing set-ups a short time later. He never limited me as I learned about a wide range of machines. I learned to formulate and cut all of my own cams for our business and many other companies as well.

Over time I then learned CNC Swiss, CNC Lathe’s and CNC Mills. I never limited myself and learned many other machines in order to become a knowledgeable all-around machinist. I learned Programming which came very easy to me and a different Cad-Cam software to expedite the machining process.

I am grateful to my father for giving me the training and opportunity to become a successful machinist and business owner.

— Dwayne Mead – BSI President

Dedicated to the memory of my Father: Fred Jr. Mead
June 14, 1944 – July 22, 2005