A precision machining leader serving the aerospace, medical, military, and automotive industries, among more.

Brothers' Swiss has been family-run for 40+ years, offering competitive pricing, the highest quality practices, and on time delivery in our machined part production.


CNC Swiss automatics and small precision turning and milling. Offering engineering, reverse engineering, and rudimentary assembly.
We accept file formats: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, PDF.

Applicable Materials

Aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, copper, carbon steel, castings, hi-temp alloys, stainless steels, titanium, and plastics.


Brothers’ Swiss Inc. is self-sufficient in the products we manufacture.

We possess capabilities to manufacture parts for aerospace, medical, commercial, and automotive industries among others. 

BSI machines most metals and plastics in-house every day. We have 18+ machines on our shop floor – including CNC Swiss automatics with bar feeders, lathes, mills, and more. Our shop floor team consists of two groups: machinists and operators responsible for second operations like cleaning, deburring, et cetera.

All of our outside processing (plating, heat treating, annealing, anodizing, etc) is procured using our Approved Suppliers List (ASL). This list of vendors is based on results acquired through our routine Approved Vendors List and on-site audits.